Carry On

Passenger Notification

For safety reasons, Flair Airlines and Transport Canada strongly recommend that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices are included in carry-on baggage only. They are also not to be turned on or charged during flight.

For more information, please visit Transport Canada’s website for more details. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Can I bring my wheelchair with me?

A wheelchair and assistance is available to passengers upon request. The carriage of battery operated wheelchairs is not permitted as carryon baggage. The loading of powered wheelchairs as checked baggage is subject to restrictions outlined in the Restricted Articles Handbook. Wet cell batteries for wheelchairs will not be accepted for transport.

I require supplemental oxygen. Does Flair provide this?

Flair Airlines does not provide supplemental oxygen, however if a passenger wants to carry medical oxygen on board, we require 48 hours notice in order to approve the type of oxygen equipment being used. Flair will also require a medical certificate from a physician declaring that the passenger requires oxygen.

What services are offered for visually/hearing impaired passengers?

Flair will be pleased to welcome aboard visually or hearing impaired passengers with or without a service animal. Please advise your tour operator or travel agency at time of booking. Visually or hearing impaired passengers will be assisted to and from the gate and invited to board the aircraft first. Individual briefings are provided, and Safety Features Cards are available in Braille for the visually impaired. Service animals will be carried free of charge in the cabin of the aircraft, fully harnessed, and seated on the floor area at the foot of the passenger. Please keep in mind the destination specific regulations pertaining to the admittance of animals.

Can I bring diabetic equipment onboard?

Diabetic equipment can be brought onboard providing the needle guard is intact and prescription medication is labelled with the medication name and issuing pharmacy or medical office.

Can I fly if I am pregnant?

Expectant mothers are accepted for travel up until the end of their 35th week of pregnancy.

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